22-Year-Old – World’s 3rd Youngest Billionaire


Witzøe’s wealth, which is approximately 14.5 billion Swedish krona or $1.7 billion, came mainly from his SalMar stocks.

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Aside from their own salmon products, SalMar also has a share in Britain’s second-largest salmon manufacturer, the Scottish Sea Farms.


This young bachelor, though very rich, managed to stay out of the limelight, but that would probably change after Forbes listed him as one of the richest people in the planet.


On his Instagram account, as an heir to a billion-dollar inheritance, you’ll get a glimpse of his low-profile lifestyle.


Witzøe and his two sisters are included on the list of world’s youngest billionaires. All three of them are from Norway, heirs to family-owned companies.


Assistant managing editor of ForbesKerry Dolan, told the Telegraph, “Their fortune is all inherited, but it is remarkable that the three youngest billionaires on the list are Norwegian.”


The youngest billionaires in the world are Alexandra Andresen, 19, and her older sister Katharina Andresen, 20, who have a net worth of $1.2 billion. Their fortune is from family-founded tobacco business.

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