The World’s Most Luxurious Superyacht Has a Pool, Movie Theater, and Even an Elevator!


For yacht owners who really want to be the star of the port, they should consider sailing on the Migaloo Private Submersible Yacht.

This concept yacht was created by Austrian design and engineering firm Migaloo. Their line of luxury superyachts offers custom-designed underwater crafts of varying sizes.

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Owners of the Migaloo can choose to close up the decks and turn the vessel into a fully operational submarine.

Managing director and head of design at Migaloo, Christian Gumpold, says, “What we are attempting to do is to create a living space where exterior and interior interact in harmony.”

While above water, the rooms open to the ocean for an alfresco dining experience, and there are large viewing galleries to see the marine life when submerged. The firm is dedicated to having luxurious touches like swimming pools, a helipad, movie theaters, and even elevators on each yacht.

Safety is of utmost priority, with each vessel built to the safety guidelines of the US Navy SUBSAFE. That will ensure that all interiors stay watertight and that it can recover from any unexpected flooding.

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