Man Spends $1 Million and 40 Years of His Life Collecting 87,000 Beer Cans

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A collector who has a rather odd obsession has spent 40 years of his life collecting different items of brewery memorabilia, antique bottles, beer cans, and porcelain signs. His big collection has now reached 87,000 items.

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This man goes by the name Jeff Lebo, and he displays his huge collection in his inn in York Haven, Pennsylvania. Lebo believes that he has the largest collection of beer cans in the whole world.


It took Lebo a couple of years to finish his Brewhouse Mountain, but he realized that it is never finished and he tells himself that he’ll continue to do it as long as his passion for beer cans stays alive.

Jeff thinks of his collection as a preservation of social history since his collection contains items that are meant to be trashed.


The 53-year-old started collecting beer cans when he was only 13 years, at the time when it was still a craze in the United States.  His father’s job at the first beer can company in America and in the world in 1935 made it easier for him to satisfy his passion.


It has been Lebo’s dream to have his own place where he could display his entire collection, so he spent 40 years trading collections from other retired collectors.


However, his wife, Lauri, doesn’t feel the same love for beer cans as her husband. “But it’s his love, I love my husband and I like to indulge in his passions,” she said.

The couple made their lifestyles work out together. They are just renting an inn, and they are overwhelmed whenever visitors appreciate their bizarre collection. Jeff swore his whole collection will not be sold, but now he has no other choice but to sell some of the items to complete a recent project he just started working on.


“I began selling certain cans out of the collection because my wife and I found a beautiful piece of ocean view property in Costa Rica we decided to buy,” Jeff said.


“We are actually converting it into an eco resort as we speak and we’re hoping in about three years or so we’ll be opened for business,” Jeff added.

He doesn’t mind selling the entire collection he has, but he admits it’s a bit difficult since he worked hard to buy and collect all of them.

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