Man Cuts Rental Cost by Living in a Box in a Friend’s House for $400 a Month

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Cities like San Francisco often hold the best views, good food, and wonderful facilities. But with all that comes a price, and it requires a pretty high one for that matter. According to reports, an average one-bedroom apartment in the Bay Area runs up to $3,500 a month.

One man knows the struggle, so he has resorted into living in a makeshift bedroom, this one in form of an 8 ft long 3 ft wide wooden box.

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Despite the seemingly tight living spaces, Berkowitz insists that he is comfortable and he’s happy with his decision.

“Yes, living in a pod is silly,” Berkowitz told Dezeen magazine. “But the silliness is endemic to San Francisco’s absurdly high housing prices.”

His story came to light after he wrote about his living condition in The Guardian called “Why I Choose to Pay $400 to Live in a Box.” Berkowitz describes the interior of his sleeping area as having a twin bed, a fold up desk, and even LED lighting.

Over the years, San Francisco has increased in housing prices, which resulted in many people finding more frugal places to live in. Some interior designers have even come up with more compact designs to offer cheaper options to the public.

Berkowitz, on the other hand, made use of his resourcefulness by sharing a room with his friends but creating a space for his own. It all breaks down to how much he’s actually saving. His three other roommates pay about $1,000 a month for rental. Berkowitz’s pod cost him $1,300 to make and just $400 share to pay per month.

Berkowitz’s pod is gradually becoming better to suit his comfort, complete with ventilation and a fan for warmer days. He plans to soundproof the walls better later to create more privacy. Other than that, he’s completely happy with the design. But he does note a noticeable flaw though: the height.

“If I had to make it again, I would make it taller,” Berkowitz said.

Like any living spaces, there are a few challenges along the way. Simply putting his jeans on for example, has become quite a challenge. Another thing is the probability of having some sort of companion for the night. But this is something Berkowitz is looking into for the future, as the illustrator by profession is currently single.

“When I have an overnight guest, I’ll let you know,” he told the Post.

Berkowitz had not done this because his finances are in dire conditions. Simply put, if his living in a pod had gotten people to call him “crazy,” he combats this by saying the real estate market is so too.

“If pods can provide an attractive way to add a bedroom to an apartment, I think they could help a lot of people out,” Berkowitz said. “People with the extra space wanting to bring in more money by subletting, people looking for cheap and simple housing, or people wanting to add another bedroom so their friend can move in could all benefit.”

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