Check Out These 10 Dream Jobs You Never Knew Existed …Where do I Apply?

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Everyone has a dream job. Jobs in sports, entertainment, or science are the usual goals. You can even think of a few jobs that could spark your imagination and there are jobs where you can travel the world or sleep for cash.

So, below we have gathered ten dreams you never expected that may have you prepping your new resume soon after.

Tester for Waterslides

This position only comes around once in a blue moon. Sebastian Smith, who is reportedly the first waterslide tester, was employed in 2013 by First Choice holidays to travel the world’s waterparks and give reviews on slides and venues. He practically gets paid to vacation.

A Tea Taster


They get paid to sip tea all day long. They taste 200 cups of tea or more each day, and they must be familiar with every type of tea there is. Tea tasters get to travel the world to try new suppliers and products.

Free tea and paid vacations? It can’t get much better than that.



If you like creating things, working with food might be a good option for you. The most playful jobs in the food industry deal with desserts. Chocolatiers work with chocolate exclusively.

They craft incredible desserts, candies, and other treats to delight customers. They get paid to make chocolate arts and crafts. This job makes the customers and the worker very happy.



Being a stand-in lets you get a taste of the movie industry. Actors are too busy to hang around while lighting and camera angles are tested. A stand-in will take the actor’s place, while the cinematographer and director adjust the lights and camera.

Netflix Tagger


Getting paid to watch TV is probably a dream job that everyone has wanted at one point. Netflix tagging lets employees watch content on Netflix then they enter key words into the system to describe each show. Tagging Netflix with keywords makes it easier for users to search for the shows they want.

You get paid to watch TV and make it easier for others to watch their shows. It’s a win-win for everyone.


A Professional Snuggler

This is a real position. It started in Japan and quickly came to North America. For an hourly fee, clients will snuggle with strangers as a way to relax after a long day.

A Personal Shopper


Shopaholics will love this position. A personal shopper mainly works with one person and they are in charge of maintaining that person’s wardrobe. Celebrities and business people use these services as do fashion magazines.

In this list, this job ranks quite highly with regard to salary. That makes it a true dream job.



Gumologists reveiw new products for chewing gum companies. Even though a piece of gum is tiny, it takes a long time to come up with the exact formulation to make it. A gumologist keeps kids happy when popping their gum.

This dream job keeps your life sweet in the grand scheme of things.

A Professional Sleeper


Like the professional snuggler, a sleeper has a comfy gig. They literally have a dream job. They can sleep for scientific studies and showing up for pajamas is encouraged in this work environment.

A Voice Actor


Voice actors bring to life all the animated films and TV shows that bring joy to those young and old. They never appear on camera, so there’s no dress code for this position. They make less than their famous Hollywood counterparts, but making funny voices all day seems fun enough to make up for that.


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