5 Ways to Avoid Problems That Kill Your Productivity



Productivity in the workplace is one of the most highly prized indicators that can determine how one’s career would flourish in the professional world.

Often times, one’s attitude is highly regarded as the driving force that fast tracks your career in the right direction. However, there are several factors that affect one’s attitude in dealing with office productivity. And one of the most common culprits are one’s habits in the office.

Get to know the top five unprofessional habits that are seriously hurting your career and find out the ways to conquer them.

1. Procrastinating the most important tasks.


There are days when you will jam packed with assignments and tasks that are admittedly difficult in accomplishing in just one sitting. So, instead of working on it, we procrastinate in the hopes that we “motivate” ourselves to get it done when the time is right. This exhaustion of willpower is called decision fatigue.

This causes you to run out of self discipline and mental energy for the assignments that matter most. To avoid this pitfall, exert more effort in dealing the big assignments first.

2. Binging on Social Media.

The Internet may be the best thing that ever happened to Mankind but it also has become quite a distraction. According to research studies, 44% of the American population blame the Internet for distracting them at work. One perfect way to fix this problem is to exercise constant self control.

3. Multitasking.

To-do list

Being organized is one important thing that you should have in the workplace. However, being organized does not mean you have to multitask. According to a study covered by Business Insider, multitasking at once does result in poor performance as only 2% of the population can successfully do it.

However, kicking the habit might be a hard habit to break but you can literally minimize stress related work by writing a to do list and following them sequentially while taking small breaks in between.

4. Loud colleagues.

According to a 2013 survey done by Ask.com, it was found that loud colleagues are reportedly one of the most common productivity killers. The reason is simple. Co workers get distracted and to some extent can get involved with conversations that are sometimes not related to work.

To escape this office torture, find a quiet place for you to relax or work in.

5. There are just too many meetings and not enough work done.



Although meetings are considered to be an integral part in the workplace, meetings are considered to be one of the most common productivity killers in the office. In a survey conducted by Microsoft in 2008, people spend ab average of 5.6 hours per week in meetings where 69% percent of the meetings were not productive.


Here are other ways you can increase productivity in your workplace.


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