6 Body Gestures That Men Do and What Women Can Learn From Them


Your guy has a lot of secret body language you should be aware of.

“Men are taught to stifle emotion, so they often have trouble verbalizing their thoughts and feelings,” says Alon Gratch, PhD, psychologist and author of If Men Could Talk. Guys might look like they’re okay with sharing thoughts and expressing feelings, but truth be told, they don’t really feel like it.

But you’re lucky if your guy gives you ways to understand him, even though he won’t open up that much. Considering that the face is the most expressive part of the body due to its muscles being linked to the emotional base of the brain, it is sometimes difficult for a person to hide his feelings.

Specific facial gesture is a signal of every slight shift in the person’s mood. So by learning to decode his unconscious cues, you can get access to his deepest and darkest thoughts.

So here are some pointers you need to know by heart.

When he’s in a dilemma of something


When you are having a serious conversation with your man but he suddenly hides his lips by rolling them inward, that could mean he has doubts about the future of your relationship.

Love Signals author and anthropologist David B. Givens, PhD, says, “This lip compression is often a negative clue signifying that the speaker is experiencing some type of inner turmoil, but because even a slight amount of tension triggers visible tightening in the lips, what’s weighing on him might not necessarily mean life-and-death for your union.”

How to handle it?


Panicking will never be helpful to you. Your guy might just be freaking out at the moment. However, he might also be thinking about something more serious—as serious as disengaging from your relationship. But then again, it could be that he just lost his train of thought. Problem is, fixing the issue is not possible if you do not know it in the first place.

That is the time where you have to pull him for a confrontation—in a nice way. Tell him that whatever you are about to hear is accepted or that you would rather hear him say something than keep you guessing all the time. He will be more comfortable with opening up if you start the conversation with a non-hostile atmosphere.

Another way is to lead on. Start out by giving him hints that you are bugged about something to get the conversation rolling till you get to the main point. He will be forced to open up about whatever he is thinking once you tell him what is on your mind.

But if running around the bush is not helping you out, it is time to ask him straight to the face. Just make sure you are ready for whatever he says. At the end of the day, it’s better to be sure about what’s happening than to know nothing at all.

When he chooses to get naked


When you are out somewhere, anywhere, and you notice his eyes seem a little droopy or sleepy, you have to know that it doesn’t mean he’s dying to sleep. Rather, he’s feeling a strong sexual urge and he’s ready to rock the night.

Men tend to lapse on a dreamy or sleepy state whenever they feel that way. This is why it is also called the bedroom eyes.



How to handle it?


Needless to say, he’s hot for you, and he’s getting there. So work him into a strong sexual state with a bit of hands-off foreplay while you’re out in public. Just whisper some hot compliments that will turn him on or blow lightly in his ear as you lean closer to stimulate the sensitive part near his eardrum. After that, go back to your peers as if nothing happens.

This kind of teasing heightens his anticipation and makes him long for you even more. Finally, make sure you will follow all the sexy promises you made once you’re alone.

When he’s totally whipped


According to an expert, in long-term relationships, a guy unconsciously shrugs shoulder whenever he feels smitten by you. It’s an indication that he wants to feel more of your affection and so he wants you to get closer to him.

How to handle it?


This is your best chance to nail the perfect night if you you have ever wondered why or complained that he isn’t romantic enough. Start it with doing something sweet for him like ordering something from his favorite pizza place without any whiny commentaries.

Men appreciate it when you do something you know they’d love even if it’s not really your thing. This way, they will sense that you put their needs as one of your priorities. As a result, your guy will be anxious to return the favor.



When he seeks some space


You might have opened up a sensitive subject at the wrong time. Your guy may have had a bad day at work and doesn’t want to chat. You’ll know when he wants to silence the conversation because he’ll do gestures like moving his head from left to right in the middle of your chat.

He’s subconsciously performing this act to draw physical distance between you without stepping away. He will try to create an invisible barrier to form a refuge for himself.

How to handle it?


Obviously, he wants to be alone. The situation might not have something to do with you at all, but still, he’s requiring you to give him space for a moment. Men need it to keep their sense of independence, which is the main element of their individuality. They want to feel like they can deal with a certain issue on their own without any help from their partner.

If you plan to say something in the hope that it will make him feel better, don’t, because this will just give him a reason to push you away. The best thing that you can do is to just leave him alone until he becomes okay. Experts say that it takes 20 minutes to one hour for an average guy to feel relaxed and to successfully process a situation. So it is extremely important for you to let him think things over for some time.

When the situation has calmed, approach him and ask about what happened. He might have already gathered himself to talk… But if not, as long as you’re certain it wasn’t about you, move on. But if your curiosity starts to stab you in the back, try to recall your previous conversations where he indirectly interrupted you mid-sentence.

When he has something to hide


When your guy suddenly stops talking mid-sentence or closes his lips but his tongue sticks out of his mouth, he might be censoring himself. This happens when they are trying to avoid to leak some information.



How to handle it?


Before you try to ask him straightforwardly if he’s keeping something from you and what it is, think of the possibility that what he’s hiding might be something good for the both of you.

Psychologist Alon Gratch said, “It’s okay to keep some private stuff from your partner. It could be a problem that doesn’t concern you or something he doesn’t want to weigh you down with. If your communication hasn’t been compromised, it’s nothing to worry about.”

When he wants to tell you something


Notice when your guy puckers his lower lip several times while you’re chatting with him. His mouth motion shows that he wants to say something. According to experts, the brain sends out a signal to the tongue and lips to start shaping a sentiment when a person wants to say something.

So before he gets the chance to let those words come out, you’ll see he’s trying to formulate his thoughts.

How to handle it?


In case you haven’t noticed, ladies are the men’s total opposite when it comes to gushing some information. So if you’re expecting that he’ll spill it out easily just like your best friend next door, you might annoy him for being impatient. So the best thing to do is to give him time. The signal clearly states that he wants to say something, yet he’s still figuring out how to say it. So instead, give him enough time till he’s ready to finally talk about it.




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