These Common Lies That Women Tell will Shock You! These are Truly Jaw Dropping



Every single woman in the world lies. They tend to distort facts during certain circumstances and even your cute little princess is no exception. Most of time, men can sense when a woman says something not true. However, they selectively choose to believe them most of the time. Probably because it’s a whole lot better than to start a long and exhausting quarrel.

Fortunately, almost all of women’s lies are for the sake of their men. They do this to make guys to feel more comfortable. They do this to keep the peace, as well. Although they also tend to divert from the truth to defend themselves, in some ways, it’s also about keeping their loved ones safe.

So, here are 10 of the most frequent lies women say:

10. It Was On Sale. It wasn’t that expensive.

Woman Shopping

Next time, make sure that your credit card is not anywhere near her purse.

09. That Was F*Cking Great!

Woman Fakes

Most women fake their orgasms. This has long been established as a fact.

08. I Neither Have Nor Would I Ever Cheat On You.

Cheating Woman

There are some women who just aren’t that loyal.

07. It doesn’t matter how much you make.

Women Love Money

Let’s face it, money buys a lot of things. So, a lot of women would probably consider the size of your wallet before deciding to date you.

06. It doesn’t bother me if you look at other women.

Looking Others

This is similar to the “I’m Okay” statement women say.





05. I’ll Be Ready In A Minute.

Woman Dressing

Make that an hour.

04. I’m not mad at you.

Shhh - Common Women Lies

If she whispers this into your ear, you better run for your life.

03. I love spending time with your mom.

Mother In Law

Then, why is there always an awkward silence between the two of you?

02. I’ve Slept With [X] Guys.

Rihanna Fingers

The most common answers are one or two or if she’s really “honest”, she might say three.

01. I Don’t Know.Dont knowWhen she answers this, yet you notice a knowing stare in her eyes, you can tell that she knows.


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