Does He Still Love His Ex …Here Are 7 Tell-Tale Signs to Discover the Truth

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Are you in a relationship with him because he’s moved on from his previous heartbreak and his wounds are healed, or are you the rebound girl? Here are a few red flags that obviously mean your boyfriend is still carrying a torch for his former flame.

1. He miscalls you by his ex’s name. He doesn’t say it to intentionally spite you, but he can’t help it. It simply comes out of his lips.

2. His ex’s name comes with some sentimental attachment to it. Yours doesn’t.

3. You occasionally catch him checking on her Facebook and Instagram. Once, you noticed him slow down and cast a glance at her house when you passed by her neighborhood. He’ll say it was just out of habit, but deep down, you know the truth.


4. His car is an obvious reminder of her ex. A few of her items are still there, such as her half-full bottle of cologne and her sketchbook, and it looks like he doesn’t have any plans of taking them out. Or he’ll tell you it doesn’t matter.

5. When he found out she was dating someone new, he became visibly upset. No amount of concealing it will disprove that he’s been crying when he said he’ll just go to the bathroom. He came out looking older, said he was going to call it a night, and went to bed. Then he didn’t wake up for two days, and when he finally did, the first thing he said was “I am going to begin working out a lot.”

6. He accidentally blurts out his ex while you’re having sex. A very serious red flag, this one.

7. You often catch him in a pensive mood, with eyes staring into nothing at all. Face it, he’s not yet over her. Better leave him alone for now. You’re not helping him move on at all.

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