Find Out the 4 Secrets Men Will Never Admit To You!


Men are stereotyped as strong and dependable. But they are actually hiding something soft behind their masculine facade.

You might not see men cry oftentimes because society expects them to stay strong despite intense emotional pressure. They look firm and ready to face anything. So seeing their soft side is somehow surprising. Like how you never thought your father would cry as soon as you leave home to go to a far place because of your job. Or the time your husband received news that his daughter passed the board exam you witnessed a tear in his eye.

Want to know more about guys? Here are the things that men don’t normally share with others.

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“My girl walked in on me tweezing my eyebrows. She still gives me grief about it, but if I didn’t do it, I’d look like Bert from Sesame Street.”
—Jeff Long

“One morning, I woke up to find my girlfriend standing over me and cracking up. I was cuddling this huge stuffed bunny she has.”
—Brian Astrup

“After a hookup, I grabbed my briefs to go to the bathroom. Then her roommate saw me and laughed—I’d put on the girl’s cotton boy shorts by accident.”
—DJ Wharton-Lake

“I was watching Emergency Vets on Animal Planet and bawling my eyes out when my girlfriend came home. She’s never let me forget it.”
—Andy Galdi

“I met a girl while I was out one night, but when she realized that I’d shaved my whole body—for swimming—she was turned off and sent me home.” —Kevin Leonard

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