Hottest Doctors on Instagram That You Need to Follow


Many people fear a trip to the doctor. They are intimidating and stern, at least that’s what everyone thinks. What if we told you that there are hottest doctors out there that will give a whole other meaning to the word “fever”?

The doctors on this list aren’t just intelligent but also have ridiculously good looks that you can’t help but wonder how someone so beautiful and perfect could ever exist in this world.

So to satisfy your already growing curiosity, here are sizzling hot doctors you can follow online and make sure to add them to your list of guilty pleasures:

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1. Doctor Mike (@Doctor.Mike)

Hottest Doctors

Doctor Mikhail Vashasvsky, or Dr. Mike as most people know him, is undeniably the hottest doctor and most popular doctor on this list. He can thank People magazine for his popularity, as he became an even more public person after they named him the sexiest doctor alive in 2015.

Dr. Mike is more than just a handsome face and a stellar body, though, as this medical resident of Summit, New Jersey, is adept to making the world a better place by giving back to the community. He also has a close relationship with his dog named Roxy. The doctor and his pet are now Insta-famous, with people following the adventures they do together through the photos that he posts.

2. Andrea Tooley (@adoctorinthehouse)

Hottest Doctors

Andrea Tooley has developed a dedicated following online with her fitness blogs and helpful YouTube videos. She is currently an ophthalmology resident at Mayo Clinic. Dr. Angela regularly posts entertaining photos on her Instagram account. Despite her busy schedule, the doctor with a million-dollar smile always has time for fun and games.

3. Dr. Justin James (

Hottest Doctors

Dr. Justin James can make a person go “Wow! Is he really a doctor?” He seems more like a real-life Greek god, or a model or an actor, or even all three combined. His piercing eyes seem to see right through you and his impressive physique is built like Adonis. Other than being a fitness buff, Dr. James is a psychiatrist and developed his passion for mental health upon reaching college.

4. Doctor Sandra Lee (@drsandralee)

Hottest Doctors

Known to the online community as Doctor Pimple Popper, this dermatologist has traveled the world to cater to clients who would like her to treat their skin problems. Her online videos compose of her removing blackhead and acne. They are oddly satisfying in a way but definitely not recommended for anyone who feels queasy as the mere thought of facials.

5. David Gruener (@doctor.nonstop)

Hottest Doctors

Dr. David Gruener is a New York–based surgeon. He also happens to be a father to an adorable boy. He regularly posts photos online of his family, which just adds to how awesome this fitness buff really is.

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