This New Tech Gives Men the Option to Turn Sperm On and Off


As of the moment, it is only Mr. Bimek who uses the devices. Sooner though, he hopes to conduct more trials with 25 other lads.

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The new invention, which weighs 2 grams and measures 1.8 cm long, is inserted surgically. To do this, the patient should be under local anaesthetic in about half an hour. It is then implanted somewhere in the spermatic ducts. Once it is inside the body, Bimek said it will work forever.

Men need not to worry about using the device because its rocker switch can be easily located through the skin of the scrotum. This only means it can be turned on and off whenever the guy wants to.

Aside from that, the direction of the switch can be remembered easily. In order to turn on the switch, he only needs to push the switch toward the abdomen and vice versa.

It is explained on the Web site of Bimek SLV that when the device is in its closed state, its switch will effectively prevent the sperm from leaving the testicles. However, some people are concerned because it will take around three to six months for guys to get rid of the lingering sperm cells.

Nevertheless, if you turn it back on, expect immediate results. Why? This is because guys never stop producing sperms.

When asked about this matter, experts shared their opinions. Dr. Wolfgang Bühmann, the spokesman for the Society of German Urologists, stated that the device may have negative side effects. He is worried that the sperm may later on stick to the switch, which may clog the mechanism over time.

Urologist Hartwig Bauer, on the other hand, said that this invention is far better and more flexible than the current contraception methods like vasectomy. “A third of all patients would like to have such operations reversed at a later date. But it doesn’t always work,” he explained.

Of course, many may get excited with this device. However, surgery sounds quite extreme, which may make others want to stick to just condoms.

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