See How Much This Man Spends to Have a Permanent Set of Six-Pack Abs


How far would you go to get the perfect body? Well, we really don’t know. But this lad seems to be very serious about it.

Lee Coupland, a man from Leeds, England, decided to travel more than 2,000 miles and spend over $5100 to get a perfect set of abs.

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The 31-year-old lad went to Istanbul, Turkey, to have the fats in his stomach sucked. Then he underwent the procedure called abdominal etching, which reportedly gave him permanent six-pack abs.



“I think more and more people will think it’s an option for them and it will become as common as boob jobs and nose jobs for women,” he said.


Surprisingly, Lee is not the only British man who is willing to undergo cosmetic surgery to achieve the type of body he wants. When he asked the hospital, there were already seven British men who have gone through the same procedure within the last six months.


The lad’s surgery started by melting the little fat he had in his tummy through ultrasound.

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