Top Tips for Finding the Right Career Path For You



Finding the right career path is one of the most daunting crossroads that any one encounters at one point in their professional lives.

One’s journey to finding a fulfilling occupation that does not compensate one’s worth in the pool of professionals has become quite easy due to a large number of advice from these so called “career experts.” However, not all of these pieces of advice are cut out for what goes on in the professional world.

From picking out right job to creating a steady career plan ahead of you, here are the top five career tips from the experts that is a big no no.

“Don’t be too grabby. Let your work speak for itself.”

One of the biggest mistakes that professionals make, especially newbies is grabbing a job in which they have no experience. Although other people would lightly tell you that you can learn the job while being in the job, this is not the case. Remember that each job has specific demands that needs to be met which frankly, you might not be able to meet regardless of how many years you are in the position.  This is the reason why other occupations require specific requirements from applicants.

“Follow the Money.” or “Just do what you what you love and the money will follow.”

These are two pieces of advice that are a definite no no from the opposite ends of the spectrum. If you choose a career path with only money as your top priority, don’t bother. You’ll end up disliking your job. The second advice is nowhere near what is happening in the real world. The best way  to merge both your interests and a rewarding financial success is to look for a job that intersects both objectives.

“Always have a five year plan.”



Anything can happen within a year so having tangible plans in the next five years might not cut it for you. After all, the best opportunities are often those that you don’t expect coming your way, especially if you currently find yourself in a stable job. Being stuck in your “five year plan” might not be the best idea.

“Don’t waste your time applying for jobs you know you won’t get.”

You can also apply for jobs that are closely within your interest and your job experience. This is specially true if you want to apply for jobs that are outside what you have learned during your four year stay in college. Remember that every job you apply to is an opportunity to tighten up your resume, hone your interview skills, and build confidence. Never waste your time applying  for jobs that will not give you this kind of opportunity.

“Don’t be a job hopper.”

Job hopping is the rage at this time and age. Gone are the days when one has to stick to the very first job that they have right after college. It has been said in a research that employees who stay in companies for longer than two years earn 50% less over their lifetimes. The best way you can balance out your resume is by staying in a job that allows you to stay longer without having to hop from one job to another.



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