Man Spends 3 Years and $20,000 Building a Wooden Car That Runs 55 mph

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A man from Romania spent three years and at least $19,812, making a full-running wooden car that can run up to 55 mph.

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wooden car3

Romanian Peter Szabo invested some 4,500 hours to build his love car Julia The Woodroadster, which he named after his wife, and put in around $20,000 for  her hard ash wood frame.

wooden car2

Julia is a combination of retro lines and old-school roar of a typical automobile with modern addition like the tablet-controlled headlights and music.

wooden car6

The vehicle is outfitted with modified Mercedes-Benz seats and under its electronically regulated hood is the Taunus V6 2.3-liter engine.

wooden car9

Completing the wooden vehicle project was nearly impossible because according to Peter, the hardwood used to build the car is of high quality and is hard to find.

But he likes challenges, and three years after he started building it, he was satisfied and happy with the end result.

wooden car8

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