MonoWheels are the Next Big Thing …Fantastic for those Outdoor Getaways

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Unicycles are great, but Mono Wheels™ are the ultimate evolutionary vehicle you got to try. This one-wheeled single-track electric unicycle can be seen going about Sweden in packs. Mono Wheel ™ is the only brand that has sold longer than any other due to their dedication in quality products.


Mono Wheel ™ for Everyone

You don’t have to be rocket scientist or a gymnast to operate this innovative device. It uses the same technology as Segways and basically does all the balancing for you. This makes it easier for people to learn how to ride.

In other words, monowheels or the Mono Wheel ™ is user-friendly and is fit for people of any age, who wants to enjoy the convenience that one wheel can offer. What separates this product from its competitors is its portability. Its compact design coupled with its light weight guarantees extreme mobility. You can essentially carry it anywhere, anytime at your own disposition.



Go buy yourself one, experience the freedom firsthand, and see what amazing things you can accomplish together with this equipment.

The Chase

Even the gods in front of the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum in Alabama, USA, have jumped into the fray caused by this one-wheeled wonder monowheel.

Watch the video of the Mono Wheels in action below:

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