These are the 20 Most Creative and Beautiful Watches in the World!

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Love watches? Here are twenty of the most creative watches in the world. I really love the first watch, the style is simply wow! But you definitely have to check the last one.

Wingt Mille Watch

Eye of a Storm: A Watch Without a Face

Hand-Painted Poetic Wish Watch

Skull Watches

HD3 Black Pearl Watch

Vacheron Constatin Quai De I’lle

MK2 Circuit LED Watch

Astronomical Watch

The Ora Unica Watch

Ziiiro Mercury Watch

Free Time Watch

Excalibur Watch

Geeky Equation Watch

Dragon Gate Legend Watch

Salvador Dali’s Persistence of Memory-Inspired Melted Wristwatch

Earth and Moon Watch

The Bradley, a Timepiece Designed for the Blind

SOH, a Second of Happiness Watch

The Bird Repeater Watch

Whatever, I’m Late Anyway Watch

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