These are the Most Spectacular Lightning Strikes Ever Photographed


As lighting is one of the most unpredictable forces of nature, taking pictures of its occurrence is considered a very challenging task for photographers. Of course, it is normal to see lightning during a storm, but we don’t really know when they will strike.

Nevertheless, there are photographers who are lucky enough to have taken snapshots of the lightning in action.

The photo above is taken on January 26, 2007 in Perth, Australia. On that day, people gathered around a local beach to witness how fireworks lit up the skies during the Australia Day celebration. But looking at the photo, it seems that the firework display isn’t the only main attraction of the day. On the far right of the image, a lightning from a thunderstorm flashed. Near the center, over the clouds, Comet McNaught made an appearance, which was a very rare sight.

Here are other photos of lightning taken by random photographers:









The video below shows a lightning striking the Eiffel Tower of Las Vegas:

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