15 Spectacular Waterfalls You Might Want to Visit Someday



Mother Earth has a lot of amazing wonders up its sleeve and among these are waterfalls. Aside from being a great water and electricity source, these waterfalls are also quite breathtaking to look at. This is especially when you can see them from a vantage point where they will cascade from the top of a mountain and plunge right down to its basin full of cold, clear waters.

If you haven’t gotten your fill of the spectacular waterfalls that can be found in different corners of the world, then we have compiled a list below that you will definitely enjoy. Visit them one of these days and you will truly be amazed.

Kaieteur Falls, Guyana

Amazing waterfalls around the world

The Kaieteur Falls is located at Guyana on the north-eastern side of South America. It features a single curtain of water from the River Potaro that goes 741 feet deep into a basin in the heart of a forest. It can be reached easily via an airstrip nearby or via a three-day adventure trek on land.

Tugela Falls, South Africa

Amazing waterfalls around the world

Cascading  3,110 feet into the Royal Natal National Park, which is located at the KwaZulu-Natal province, South Africa, the Tugela Falls comes from the River Tugela. It flows over what is popularly known as The Ampitheatre, a cliff face in the mountain range of Drakensberg.

Dettifoss, Iceland

Amazing waterfalls around the world

The Dettifoss can be found on the northeastern part of Iceland. Despite being only 148 feet tall, it is still known as Europe’s most powerful waterfall, with its source, the River Jökulsá á Fjöllum gushing down water at a rate of 212 tons per second.

On the southwestern part of Iceland, you will also be able to find the 105 feet Gullfoss, where rainbows are known to dance over the the River Hvítá. On the southern area of the country, there is also the Skógafoss, with its source, the River Skógá flowing 200 feet over really old coastal cliffs left from the slowly-ebbing Atlantic.


Known as one of Asia’s largest waterfalls, Huangguoshu is 255 feet tall and 330 feet wide. It is one of a group of body of 18 waterfalls in the neighboring area. There is a 440-foot long cave at the rear of the waterfall that lets visitors view it up close.

Detian Falls

Detian Falls
The Detian Falls is located between the border of Vietnam and China. It is known for being the the fourth largest cross-border waterfalls in the world after Niagara, Victoria and Iguazu.



Hunlen Falls, British Columbia Canada

Originally known as the Mystery Falls, Hunlen Falls can be found in the Pacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, Canada. It is specifically situated at Tweedsmuir South Provincial Park, which is at the western area of Tatla Lake, Kleena Kleene and Nimpo Lake.

British Columbia’s second-highest waterfall, after Vancouver Island’s Della Falls, Hunlen is 1,300 feet and falls 850 to 900 feet from the northern area of Turner Lake into a box canyon, before cascading down another 400 feet into the Atnarko River, which is feeding from the Bella Coola River. The watercourse the can be found between the Atnarko and Turner Lake is named Hunlen Creek. It is the namesake of an Indian chief, who placed traplines in the area.

Iguassu Falls, Brazil and Argentina

Amazing waterfalls around the world

Famous for being one of the earth’s most breathtaking border spots, the Iguassu Falls aids the River Iguassu in separating Brazil from Argentina. The judicious factor in this is not the waterfalls’ height of 269 feet, but its width, as it stretches out for as far as 1.7 miles. The focal point of this body of water is the Garganta del Diablo or the Devil’s Throat, which is a 2,297 feet U-shaped half-basin.

Gavarnie Falls, France

Also popular as Grande Cascade de Gavarnie, the Gavarnie Falls is France’s tallest waterfall with its 422-meter drop. It is located in Cirque de Gavarnie, which is a 2-hour walk away from Gavarnie village in the Hautes-Pyrénées.

Mardalsfossen, Norway

One of Europe’s ten highest waterfalls, Mardalsfossen is situated at Nesset in Møre og Romsdal county, Norway. The tiered waterfalls come from the Mardøla river and flows right into the Eikesdalsvatnet lake, which is about 1.2 miles northwest of the Eikesdalen village.

Shown on Nesset’s coat-of-arms, the falls measures 2,313 feet based on SSB’s records and 2,156 feet on the World Waterfall Database. It has two huge drops and a number of smaller as it goes further down. Its highest vertical drop is at 1.175 feet, which is known as the tallest in Norway, and it has an average of 79 feet wide.

Langfoss, Langfossen, Norway

Situated in Hordaland, Etne, Fjaera in Norway, Langfoss or Langfossen is 2008 feet high with its tallest single drop also being 2008 feet. Popular as being one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the country, it can be easily accessed through the major road that crosses the waterfalls’ base.



The Rhine Falls, Switzerland

Also known as Rheinfall in German, the Rhine Falls is Europe’s largest plain waterfalls with a height of 75 feet and width of 450 feet. It can be found on the High Rhine between the Neuhausen am Rheinfall and Laufen-Uhwiesen municipalities, which is near the Schaffhausen town in northern Switzerland and situated between the Schaffhausen and Zürich cantons.

Nevada Falls, California

With its source being the Merced River in Yosemite National Park, California, the Nevada Fall is 594 feet tall. It is situated right below Liberty Cap,  the granite dome at Little Yosemite Valley’s western end. It is widely popular for having  a bent shape, wherein water cascades for the estimated first third of its entire length into a steep slope made of slick rock. This impact on the cliff face that happens mid-fall creates a swirling, whitewater look to the falls and produces a whole lot of mist that covers a wide area. This earned the falls its name, as Nevada is an ancient Spanish word that means “snowy”.

The Tequendama Falls, Colombia

The Salto del Tequendama or the Tequendama Falls measures at 132 meters tall, with its source being the Bogotá River, which is situated an estimated 30 km southwest of Bogotá in the San Antonio del Tequendama municipality. The river goes through a rocky gorge that narrows down to some 60 feet at the lip of the 515-foot falls. The falls are known to go completely dry during Decembers.

San Rafael Falls, Ecuador

Popular for being the biggest and most astonishing waterfall in Ecuador, the San Rafael Falls are more than 500 feet tall and carries an impressive volume of water that lends to its great display of natural power. The falls can be located at the foot of the Reventador, a highly active volcano that rises from out of jungle of the Amazon, which is at the eastern part of the Andes.

Virginia Falls, Canada

The Virginia Falls, which is also known as Nailicho in Slavey, can be found a the Nahanni National Park Reserve in the Northwest Territories, Canada. Its source is the South Nahanni River and it has an elevation of 1,600 feet. With a total drop that measures 315 feet, it has an estimated height that is twice as tall as that of the Niagara Falls. It only has a single drop that 850 feet wide, in average. At the middle of the falls is a rock known as Mason’s Rock, which is a namesake for Bill Mason, the popular Canadian filmmaker, author, and canoeist.




If you wish to check out more amazing waterfalls, view the clips below:

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