5 Unsung Countries That Boast Exhilarating Wonders of Nature


When we plan a trip to the other side of the world, what countries do we usually pen on our list? France? Italy? It’s normal, though; everyone wants to see the Eiffel Tower and Colosseum.

But there are actually countries hiding on the side, waiting for you to take a step on their land. They may be less visited than France, but they boast wonders that are just as spectacular.

Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands are an archipelagic area located in the South Atlantic Ocean on the Patagonian Shelf. It is a country that keeps a long history and unique culture and is said to be self-sufficient. It is packed with an eye-catching wildlife and natural wonders. Unpolluted environment, crystal-clear blue skies, stunning white sand beaches—these are just three of the things you can look forward to when you get to the Falkland Islands.

It has two main islands, East and West Falkland, and each has a number of spots you can spend a beautiful day in. This small country also prides its people who give visitors a warm welcome.

Burkina Faso

With a name that translates to “land of the honest people,” this country will make all honest people look like they’re lying when they say it is a breathtaking wonder. Burkina Faso has the largest number of elephants than any other place in West Africa.

Burkina Faso has four national parks that take care of all its flora and fauna: W National Park, Arli Wildlife Reserve, Léraba-Comoé Classified Forest and Partial Reserve of Wildlife, and the Mare aux Hippopotames. This country is simply a wild-bush country, with grass and small trees spread all around.


With an area expanding to 374 square kilometers, Mayotte is an overseas region and department of France. The Mayotte boasts its rich soil that is made so because of its volcanic rock. Its coral reefs give home to its wide variation of fish species.


Andorra is the sixth smallest country in Europe with an area of only 486 square kilometers, but its wonders make it big. This country is mountain-packed, with mountain peaks numbering to sixty-five, making it the country to go for hikers.

Andorra was formerly monarchial, having kings as its rulers, that’s why it remains to have castles that also serve as tourist spots like the Casa de la Val. Although it is prone to disasters, it maintains its name as being one of the must-visit places in Europe.


Aside from its natural wonders, Liechtenstein is also a big thing when it comes to culture. It is where Western and Eastern Alps meet and modern architecture, museums, castles, rare rocks, and more are few of what you can find in Liechtenstein.

Liechtenstein offers a wide variety of activities for its tourists. The food and the outdoor setting are always something worth the visit. It gives you a rest from the mainstream European attraction.

These countries are less popular and smaller than the ones we normally include in our bucket list, but with the wonders they offer, you will not regret giving up a part of your time and money to visit them.

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