You Have to See What These Amazing Bucket List Destinations Have to Offer …Whoa!

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Heaven is certainly on earth with these picturesque photos gathered around the world that make us want to leave our job and go around the globe to witness the beauty of nature.

Boundary Range, Alaska


The boundary ranges in Alaska is the largest sub range of the coast mountains, which features a lovely view of the glaciers and the beauty of spring from the distant.

Boneyard Falls, Australia


Boneyard Falls may look so enchanting, but the place is not a tourist destination and it is not advisable to go out into the fierce waves.

Shay’s Run in West Virginia


Elakala falls create magnificent drops in Shay’s Run, which makes the place really majestic to look at.

Patagonia, Chile


Situated in the boundary of Argentina and Chile, the Patagonia contains deserts, steppes and grasslands.

Karijini National Park, Western Australia


On the northern part of the Tropic of Capricorn, a few miles from Perth, you can find Karijini National Park, which is notable for its gorges, water holes and waterfalls.



Sand Falls – Upper Antelope Canyon, Arizona


The upper antelope canyon in Arizona is also known as the place where water runs through rocks.

Horseshoe Bend – Glen Canyon near Page, Arizona


A horseshoe-shaped meander in Colorado river has an interesting geological structure that can be viewed from the steep above.

Emerald Pool, Austria


This spectacular pool in the Alps of Austria is one of the most beautiful natural pools on earth, as it looks like CGI in photos, but is actually real.

Salto del Laja Falls, Chile


Because of its undeniable beauty, Laja Falls became one of the most renowned tourist attractions in the region with a very commercialized surrounding.

Colorado, US


The state of Colorado has an array of beautiful sights, which include the Rocky Mountains, its great plains and rio rivers.



Kauai, Hawaii


We all know Hawaii has among the most beautiful beaches. They also have some of the most amazing geological structures on Earth, just like this one.

Helensburgh Railway Tunnels, Nеw South Wales, Australia


Located not far from the current railway station, the Helensburgh Railway Tunnels is a lovely ancient structures covered in grasses with glow worms inside.

Santa Maddalena, Italy


Great for hiking, Santa Maddalena in Italy is one place you wouldn’t want to miss on your trail. Witness the lovely view of the Odle Mountain from the valley.

Amazing Petrified Sand Dunes in Arizona


The petrified sand dunes in Arizona has rich deposits of petrified woods dated millions of years ago.

Lucca, Tuscany, Italy


The place is known for its Renaissance city walls and cobblestone streets found at the foot of the Apuan Alps.



Hidden Beach, Mexico


This fascinating strip of sand is a paradise and is said to have been used for target practice by the Mexican Government in the early 1900s.

Bernese Alps, Switzerland


In Western Switzerland, a magnificent mountain range took form in the Bernese Oberland region and it now has extensive mountain railways and are often visited by Swiss travelers every year.

Canal d’Amour, Corfu


Canal d-Amour or Channel of Love is an idyllic rock formation in the village of Sidari with beautiful, crystal clear waters. According to stories, couples who swim through the canal will soon get married.



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