Australia’s Infinite and Mind-Bending Stairway to Heaven

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If you happen to sit along the beach of Bondi, Australia, you will never miss noticing a strange staircase that leads up to heaven. It sticks out over a cliff and stretches far into the sky and disappears into the clouds.

The massive set of stairs is a killer optical illusion called Diminish and Ascend by artist David McCracken. It looks like it stretches to the skies but if you try to climb it, you wouldn’t get very far. The nine-and-a-half meter long and nearly five meter high aluminium sculpture is actually a specially-warped sculpture that maintains the illusion of infinity from all angles.

Check out the artwork’s many sides and see if your mind does not get bent:


The staircase is an eye-catching piece that makes the mind wander and imagine a surreal escape. Diminish and Ascend may appear to be a long climb to the top that goes beyond atmosphere, it is nothing more than optical illusion.



Its expert creation took into consideration the visual effects related with simulating distance. McCracken constructed a modified replica of a staircase made of aluminum that decreases  in size as it nears its highest and furthest point from eye-level. That gives it the illusion of an infinite stairway to heaven.



Sculpture by the Sea, David McCracken

Stairway to Heaven – Diminish and Ascend 3



Stairway to Heaven – Diminish and Ascend

Diminish and Ascend #2 - David McCracken (NZ)


Check out the amazing sculptures in exhibit at the Bondi Beach:


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