Beautiful Exotic Flowers That Look Like They’re from Another World


These beautiful flowers are so exotic and unique that they look like they are grown from another world. Here are some of the world’s exotic flowers that will leave you in shock of their beauty.

Hoya Wax Flowers seem unreal and handmade.

Candy Cane Sorrel looks exactly like the sweet treat.

The White Egret Orchid is native to China, Japan, Korea, and Russia. It looks almost like a paper swan in flight.

Trichosanthe is a delicacy in Asia, with almost every part grown for food or medicine.

A two-faced flowers have gone through a process known as “sport,” when one part of a plant suddenly mutates.

These beautiful Holy Ghost Orchids have pretty small dove-like flowers.

Psychotria elata is known more as “hookers’ lips.”

This black bat look-alike flower is the unusual flowers of the Tacca chantrieri.



An elegant shrub known as the Chinese Lantern.

The famous and rare Corpse Flower blooms only once or twice a decade. Its unique smell, like a rotting flesh, attracts flies, which it uses as pollinators.

Snapdragon’s pod leave behind these terrifying skulls once they wilt.

30 Flowers That Look Like They're From Another World


Kadupul flowers is native to Central and South America. They flower rarely and when they do, only at night, wilting away at dawn.

30 Flowers That Look Like They're From Another World

Camellia Japonica is found in forests around China, Taiwan, Korea,and Japan at altitudes of 1,000 feet or higher. Known as the Rose of Winter, these shrubs flower during the colder months. This one is surprisingly perfect.

30 Flowers That Look Like They're From Another World



These rare orchids only grow in the forests of Ecuador and Peru on the side of mountains. When in bloom, they resemble monkeys and smell like ripe oranges.

30 Flowers That Look Like They're From Another World

This Southeast Asian plant is named Beehive Ginger after its strange leaves.

The Pink Moth Orchid is famous for resembling a bird or moth in flight.



The flying duck orchid is a flower that, well, looks like a flying duck.

The Balloon flower pop open as its flower blooms.

Aquilegia Columbine Magpie

Parrot Flower is only found in few areas in Thailand, Burma and India.



Primula ‘Zebra Blue’ has zebra pattern.


Passion flowers, USA and Asia, are favorite for hummingbirds.

Ghost orchid is an endangered plant that looks like a screaming white ghost.

Jade Vine only grows in the Philippines.



Yellow and Purple Lady Slippers

Parrot’s beak

Tricyrtis hirta looks like a weird sea creature.


The Fritillaria is known as the chess flower because its flower resembles a playing board.

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