Farmers Planted Cheery Trees at a Tea Farm in China …The Outcome is Beautiful


Cherry blossoms are a lovely sight to see. This is exactly why tourists flock to Japan or Korea every spring. Aside from checking out what these lovely countries have to offer, they also would like to witness the grandeur of these exquisite blossom.

But, did you know that there is another cherry Blossom wonder in China that captured the hearts of many photographers from across the globe?

Somewhere in the southwest area of China’s Yunnan province lies a huge field called the Tea Gardens of Nanjian Yi Autonomous County. It is covered with trees, lush plantation, and beautiful cherry blossom trees. It also has a temperate climate that supports the abundant greenery in the area. The land is also known to be rich in mineral deposits like zinc, lead, tin, thallium, and crocidolite.



What makes the garden exemplary are its thousands of cherry trees that make the landscape blush in beauty. These trees were imported from Taiwan and were grown at this tea plantation. It was also revealed that these trees bloom all year long because of the mild temperature in this rural part of China.

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