Discover Earth’s True Beauty in These Spectacular Shots of Zion National Park

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Have ever seen a place that’s so full of color it looks like a place taken out from a fairy tale? Fortunately for us, such place does exist. Introducing “The Subway” in Zion National Park. Don’t let the name fool you, this one is unique, compared to any subway you can imagine.

The Subway is situated deep within the Left Fork of North Creek, and it’s a spectacular section renowned for its tube-like slot canyon.

Hikers and photographers have been frequently visiting the marvelous Subway due to its beauty.

Everything is filled with colors, you’ll never be bored inside this gorgeous place.


Beauty is merely a word that simply scratches the surface. No words can perfectly describe the allure of this place.


You might want to bring a lot of films because every snapshot in this area offers a picture-perfect view.

The place has a serene yet lively aura, all at the same time. It’s simply amazing how this place was crafted like an extravagant masterpiece.

Visitors must be prepared to hike 9.5 miles over the course of 7–12 hours, although the Subway section itself measures less than a quarter mile in length.


The strenuous journey may consist of crossing creeks, scrambling over boulders, rappelling down into the canyon, and swimming through icy water, depending on the route.

But be honest, you wouldn’t really mind going through all that trouble once you see these breathtaking views, would you?

Just look at the place, its beauty is just something that no one can resist.

This place is clearly magical, and it looks like a place that can only be real in our mind.

Check out the multiple cascading mini-waterfalls and the colored walls everywhere.

Mother Nature is indeed a brilliant artist, an artist who makes amazing landscapes and breathtaking places.

Regardless of the perils you’ll be encountering on your way to this mesmerizing place, all the difficulties and challenges will prove to be worth it once you see this remarkably enchanting natural wonder.

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