Fairy Tale-Like Places That Are Actually For Real


When we were little, we would dream of living in a castle or walking through fields full of flowers, just like the ones we saw in our storybooks. But as we become older, we’ve outgrown those childish dreams and made peace with the fact that you’ll never be a princes in a castle or walk through some flower fields.

Wait till you see these places and see if you don’t begin to believe that there are still fairy tale places in this world.

Crooked Forest, Poland

Melissani Cave, Greece

Mesa Verde, Colorado

Hobbit House, Pennsylvania

Antelope Canyon, Arizona



Hall of Mosses, Washington

The Lost Gardens of Heligan, England

Skagit Valley Tulip Fields, Washington

The Northern Lights, Alaska

Actual Locations18

Hobbiton, New Zealand



Minnie’s Little Pink House, Florida

St. Nectan’s Kieve, Great Britain

Ochiul Beiului Lake, Romania

St. Basil’s Cathedral, Russia

Forest House, Holland



Hallerbos, Belgium

The Tree Tunnel, England

Las Lajas Cathedral, Colombia

Wisteria Tunnel, Japan

The Dark Hedges, Ireland



The Maldives

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