Amazing Machine Gives People Free Groceries in Exchange for Empty Plastic Bottles

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Almost everybody uses plastic products daily. These bottles are used for beverages, food, grocery bags, and many other common household items. The increase of the use of these plastics also has an effect on our environment and ecosystem.

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There has been a big “green movement” and many communities and countries promote using “green” products instead of using plastic in order to reduce the amount of waste that is created. Recycling is commonplace now. Many companies and countries provide ways to recycle and encourage consumers to recycle what they can. This bottle recycling machine in Germany accepts PET bottles in exchange for money.

When you buy a canned or bottled beverage in Germany, you will be charged a few extra cents. That is done to encourage customers to return the bottle. Once the bottles are empty, they can be deposited in the bottle recycling machines. Each type of bottle has a corresponding monetary worth.

The machine will print out a receipt of the amount the bottled add up to. The consumer can then show the receipt at the counter for cash or groceries.

This is a system that needs to be in place everywhere. It would do so much to reduce waste and it will encourage people to return their bottles for cash.

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