Full-Circle Rainbow

Stunning Full-Circle Rainbow Appears Over Russia


Rainbows are always a stunning sight. They are described as a meteorological phenomenon that is formed when sunlight and rain combine in a specific way. The beams of sunlight create a spectrum of colors as they enter a raindrop, which is why rainbows are a common sight after a downpour.
In most cases, rainbows take the form of a multicolored arc, but they can come in full circles as well. A good example is this recent video taken in St. Petersburg, Russia. The video shows a stunning full-circle rainbow stretching high above the city.

Video Shows Rare Full-Circle Rainbow Appearing Above Russia

When sunlight and raindrops mix, it can create a whole circle of light in the sky. However, this is a very rare sight. The sky conditions have to be just right, and even if they are, there is a chance that part of the full-circle rainbow will be blocked by land structures or the horizon beyond.

Pilots have the highest chance of seeing full circle rainbows. It’s tough to spot the shape through airline windows, so a pilot’s position up front gives them an advantage. Another good spot to see a full-circle rainbow is atop a skyscraper. That was exactly where this crane operator was standing when they took the video uploaded on YouTube last July.

Daily Mail

The optic phenomenon was captured on camera from the top of the Lakhta Center, a 460-meter-high (1,516 ft) building currently under construction in St. Petersburg. The building, which is poised to be one of the tallest structures in the city, is due for completion in 2018.

People have flocked to social media to comment on the stunning sight, calling it “gorgeous” and a “beauty.”

How to determine the arc of a rainbow

The next time you see a rainbow, take note of the height of the sun. This helps you determine the size of the arc. The lower the sun, the higher the top of the rainbow. If you could get up high enough, like in a mountain or a high-rise structure, you can see that rainbows continue below the horizon and beyond what you can perceive at sea level.

A full-circle rainbow is significant to certain cultures and beliefs. It is mentioned twice in the Bible, namely in Ezekiel 1:28 and Revelation 4:3, which describes it as evidence of God’s glory. In Indo-European culture, a rainbow in full circle is an omen of the cycle of life.

Watch the video below