Guatape: Climbing This Insane Staircase is Not for the faint Hearted


If you are scared of heights and you don’t like climbing steep stairs, then, The Rock of Goatee in Colombia isn’t for you. But, if you are after challenges and adventures, why not book a flight and see for yourself, what the place can offer.

Also called El Peñol Stone, the Rock of Guatape is a granite stone that stands 7,005 feet above the sea level. While its peak is said to be 650 feet above the flat ground, its weight is estimated around 10 million tons.

Since this rock formation was formed thousands of years ago, the former inhabitants of the place, the Tahamies Indians, have worshipped it already.

In 1954, the first ever climb in the rock was recorded. It was a period in which stairs weren’t installed yet. In order to reach the top, it took the climber five days. After that, new species of plant were discovered.

Today, there is a 649-step masonry staircase that is installed to make climbing less daunting and fast. Aside from that, as you ascend, you will see a magnificent view of the lakes and the islands that surrounds the area. At the top of the stone, a three-storey lookout tower and some religious relics can be seen.

Although it is owned by a local family, the Rock of Goatee is now considered a national landmark. In order to gain access to it, one has to pay $2 each.

 Marvel at the beauty of this rock formation by watching the videos below:


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