You Have to See Norway’s Breathtaking Old World Architecture

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Being one of the oldest countries in Europe, this locale is expected to be rich in history and heritage. Norway is known for the vikings and Norse mythology, but the beautiful country also hides timeless wonders that will leave you mesmerized. The country features many architecture that bring back memories of viking myths and legends.

The country’s old architecture’s beauty lies in its ability to blend with nature. From stave churches to the traditional wooden houses, these buildings seemingly become part of nature in Norway’s landscape. Visitors will appreciate the centuries of architectural development in Norway’s fairy tale–like countryside.

Here are twenty-one images of the wonders hidden away in Norway’s countryside.

Seter Huts, Norangdal Valley

Old Village

Lake Bondhus, Bondhusbreen

An Old Sæter House, Sykkylven

Borgund Stavkirke



Aurora Over the Small Fishing Village Bugøynes

Aurora over the small fishing village Bugøynes

King Oscar Ii Chapel, Grense, Jakobselv

King Oscar II Chapel, Grense Jakobselv

An Ancient Road, Vindhellavegen

Bridge Over Låtefossen Waterfall, Odda, Hordaland

A House in Tjøme



Renndølsetra, Sunndal

Bridge in Norway

A House in Tjøme

Kvednafossen Waterfall, Oppland

A Barn and Barn Bridge in Valldal Valley



A Natural Pool in the Forest, Oslo

Rogaland, Gullingen

Hunderfossen, Lillehammer

Fjord Houses, Stryn

Old Farm in Vingelen from the 15th Century



Fantoft Stave Church, Bergen

Borgund Stave Church


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