You Can Print Your Own Garden With This Amazing Printer …What Will They Think Of Next?


Nowadays, it seems that 3D printers can just print everything – from medical supplies to various toys. And, it doesn’t stop there. In fact, it’s about to become even stranger.

With the new innovation called printGreen, we can now print a growing garden into a variety of shapes you desire. This printer was developed by the University of Maribor in Slovenia.

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Modified by CNC printer, this green printer can shoot out a damp, clay-like soil filled with small seeds. Eventually, the seeds will grow into grass.

The printer, which is a modified CNC printer, shoots out a damp, clay-like soil filled with small seeds, which then grow into grass.

PrintGreen was built and designed by a group of Intermedia Arts program students of the University of Maribor. They all share the same goal of combining nature and art into one technology. Although a printed garden seems like an odd idea, it may still be used in the near future, especially when producing more efficient food in a small and environment-friendly space.

Plus, it's pretty fun to watch.

Using the printer, you can create all sorts of shape you want and watch the plants grow in time.

The printer can create all kinds of shapes that will then sprout and grow.

PrintGreen has now been used to create living signs, displays, and artwork.

It can be used to create living artwork, signs, and displays.

The flower pot-like structures that are created can also be filled with more plants and soil.

Alternately, the printer can also create flower-pot-like structures, which can then be filled in with more soil and plants.

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