This Hotel Lets You Sleep in a Giant Bubble, But it Is Not What you Might Think

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The Bubble Hotel in France takes a modern approach in camping out in the nature. Also known as Attrap Rêves, the countryside hotel, east of Marseille, offers transparent pods for the guests to stay in for a night of stargazing.

The bubbles came from the brilliant mind of the hotel’s designer, Pierre Stéphane, who conceived the design to give campers a maximum experience in an eco-friendly space, with so much leaving a dent on nature.

The pods measures 13 ft in diameter, a feature that makes them convenient for packing up. Most bubbles are transparent to give the occupants a full view of the environment, while others come in semi-opaque for those who want a little more privacy.



The price for accommodation is €109, a price that just seems fair for a cozy camping experience. And by the way, a nearby lodge-style restaurant serves tasty meals, should you suddenly get the munchies.

Here are videos below.

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