20 Amazing Photos Of Star Filled Skies That Will Inspire You To Look Up Tonight



The starry night sky is truly a beautiful sight. Not only does it give us an idea about life beyond Earth, it also remains a part of various cultures from all over the world.

Since the beginning of time, people made wishes on stars. They even get inspiration from its beauty above. But, only a few know that these powerful forces have gone through lots of stages in life. While some of them have been there for thousands of years, others are slowly burning out. There are also stars that are brighter and bigger, which means, they are able to produce more energy than the sun.

When you go to different parts of the world, you will witness unique visions of the night skies. If the place is dark, then you will surely see a brighter sky. In this article, we feature some of the most stunning photos of the night sky:

The World and the Life Beyond

A Stunning View of the Sky From The Sea


Magic Definitely Happens

Let The Moonlight Guide You Home

A 5-Billion Star Teepee


A Colorful Night Sky

There are Too Many Stars to Count


A Starry Night Sky Over an Abandoned Old Ship

Birds Fly by the Light of the Stars

To Infinity And Beyond



Star Gazing in the Cold


Stars Glowing Over the Horizon

The Night Sky as Described in a Fairy Tale Book

A Starry View From The Castle

This is True Beauty



The Crack Of Lightning

lightning cumolonimbus cloud Corio Bay Victoria James Collier

A Perfect Night Sky for Campers


Make a Wish

A Starry Night Sky Over the Desert

Bright And Brilliant Above The Clouds


Here are other stunning astronomical photos you should see:

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