The Best Aerial Lifts in the World are Ready to the Next Level


Aerial lifts are becoming a popular tourist attraction these days. They are made using suspension cables and are seen stretching across river deserts, cities, pillars, and peaks.

Most often, they are called by different names, such as aerial tramway, cable car, and ropeway. Regardless, their uses are the same. They are used to transport goods, supplies, and people from one place to another.

Today, there are plenty of aerial lifts that are becoming famous, not only for the beautiful scenery you pass when riding it, but also for the design itself. Below are some of them:

7. Ropeway of Rajgir

The Ropeway of Rajgir is among the many attractions of India. It connects the Makhdoom Kund, Vishwa Shanti tupa, and some monasteries. Because of its location, it provides a beautiful view of the valleys between 7 hills, such as Vaibhara, Ratna, Udaya, Sona, Saila, Chhatha, and Vipula.

6. Masada Cableway

Masada, considered as an ancient fortress of Israel, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is found on the eastern edge of the Judean Desert and overlooks the Dead Sea. This attraction is also known as the world’s lowest aerial tramway, which its lowest station positioned 257 meters below sea level and peak that is about 33 meters above.

5. Norsjo Ropeway

Found in Sweden’s Vasterbotten County, the Norsjo Ropeway is a world-renowned aerial lift. It is the world’s longest ropeway conveyor, which measures 96 kilometers. Though it was initially built to transport ore, it has now become a famous attraction.

4. Emirates Air Line (Cable Car)

Also known as the Thames cable car or “dangleway” the Emirates Air Line is a gondola lift link that stretches throughout the River Thames. Normally, it offers a 10-minute ride from the Greenwich Peninsula to the Royal Docks. However, during rush hour, it would only take 5 minutes.

3. Roosevelt Island Tramway

Located between Roosevelt Island and Manhattan’s Upper East Side, the Roosevelt Island Tramway provides a wonderful view of New York City.

2. Table Mountain Aerial Cableway

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway, found in Cape Town, South Africa, is among the oldest in the world. It was built in 1929, replacing the old system of single cable cars. This cableway, which has a rotating floor, offers a panoramic view of the mountains, the seaboards, and the island.

1. Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

Palm Springs is a desert resort city found in Riverside County in California. It is the biggest rotating aerial tramway on the planet that offers a 12.5 minute ride from Sonoran Desert to an alpine forest. Its location boasts a panoramic view of the desert, mountains, the Salton Sea, and valleys.

Based on the list, it is safe to assume that there are lots of magnificent aerial lifts, found in various places all around the world. All of them offer amazing and breathtaking views while giving the riders a wonderful experience of flying in mid-air.

Here are other amazing aerial lifts in the world:

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