This “Underwater Waterfall” is Only a Breathtaking Illusion – See How it was Made


Imagine taking a swim out in the open arms of the ocean when suddenly, a huge tumbling underwater waterfall sucks you deep into the abyss! Well, your frightening imagination may come true if you ever stumble upon the beautiful island called the Republic of Mauritius.

Fortunately, that petrifying possibility can simply drift away from your mind due to the fact that it’s only an illusion. Despite it’s illusory effect, it still looks pretty breathtaking and not to mention amazing! Situated 2,000 kilometers from Africa’s southeast coast, near Madagascar the island of Mauritius resides. Just off Mauritius’s coast, the stunning waterfall illusion fascinates people from all around the globe. It’s like a wonderful painting devised by mother nature herself.

The island’s popular waterfall illusion has something to do with local sand and silt deposits that stream through the area. It fluctuates the water’s color, making it appear as though a waterfall is heading to the deepest and darkest place of the world.

From anywhere in this dreamscape island, the views are simply astonishing. The waters look enticing and it’s as if it’s begging you to take a dip. However, aerial shots and helicopter rides offers the best optical stimulation. Check out these astounding images of the waterfall illusion just off Mauritius and see for yourself.

Due to the fact that the waterfall looks so real, I can’t help but ask – for how long did people think that the underwater waterfall was real before realizing otherwise? It’s almost impossible to know for certain that it’s only an illusion.

The Mauritius has gone through a number of hands. To name a few, it used to belong to the French, British, and Dutch at different times. But, in 975 AD, the Arabs discovered Mauritius along with its spectacular lush island and it’s very own underwater waterfall. Then, Portuguese explorers rediscovered it again around 1510.

From a satellite’s point of view, the waterfalls can still be seen as very real and even Google Maps has seized a class-A photograph of the scenic location.

Here, you can see all of the colors splash together to produce a whirlwind of activity and life. The view out into the waters and off of the island prove to be terrific, and the amount of  underwater coral reefs here continue to flourish and grow, giving divers with an unparalleled view of underwater life

What makes the place all the more alluring is the fact that all of the island is on its own time. The island is like the most wonderful prankster ever–with a time zone all her own and her breathtaking underwater waterfalls.

Panning further out of the island, photos reveal the encompassing oceans are sprinkled by a number of colors, ranging from white, teal, and dark blue. It definitely provides a whole new meaning to water-color paintings due to it’s magnificent color combination.



Now, it may simply look like a dot from afar on a map. However, Mauritius Island is filled with 330 miles of scenic coastline and it is 720 square miles.

The contributing sand, which causes the waterfall illusion, is being pulled by ocean currents coming all the way from the higher coastal shelf and down into the deeper waters, situated further out to sea. The illusion of a waterfall is created as the sand-infused water proceeds through this break.

The island and it’s underwater waterfall are far from being old. As a matter of fact, the surrounding waters and the entire island are very young when considered on geological timescales.

If you think the island only has it’s underwater waterfall to offer, think again. There are spas, golf courses, restaurants, bars, and shops that are worth checking out. Mauritius island has maintained it’s small-town feel that a lot of famous destination islands lose which makes the island a fun place to visit along with its luxury tourist accommodations as well. However, the best things in life are indeed for free because the most spectacular sights can be seen from the outside which is free of charge!

Mauritius Island is already considered as one of the most spectacular islands in the Indian Ocean and the underwater waterfall significantly adds to the island’s grandeur. Once you get face to face with it, the wonders seem to be endless, due to the fact that some of the world’s rarest species call the island their home.

Photo Credits: KULfoto, Sofitel So Mauritius, GoogleMaps, The St. Regis Mauritius Resort,  Ker & Dowey diving, NOAA, Modern Magazine, Flikr


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