Top Greek Islands Travel Destinations for the Avid Tourist

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Whether you are traveler looking for some peace and serenity or someone who is a party-goer, Greek islands got it all for you!

1. Lesbos

High Ground: Perfect Destination for Gay Travelers

The world ‘lesbian’ was derived from the name Lesbos, the birthplace of Sappho, a poetess noted for expressing affection for women in her works. Years later, the island has been popularly frequented by gay travelers. It is abundant with good beaches and restaurants.

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2. Delos

High Ground: History and Culture

Delos is believed to be the birthplace of Apollo because of the most extensive remains from the golden Hellenistic age of classical Greece. The entire island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and consists of ruins, temples, statues, mosaics, and a theater. As it is not possible to stay on the island, visitors arrive by boat from nearby Mykonos.

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3. Mykonos

High Ground: Hotels

Greek hotels are reputed for their ancient looks, but in Mykonos, hotels are stylish and trendy. Cavo Tagoo, near Hóra, is built atop an abandoned quarry in 1985 by owner-architect Paris Liakos and is a frontliner in all the lodging found in the island.

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4. Zakynthos

High Ground: Beaches

This Ionian island tops the list for sandy beaches backed with dramatic coastlines. The Shipwreck Bay, which is accessible by boat, is the most visited. Expect a bit of crowd, though, as it is well-loved by many. Visitors to Zakynthos must keep to north and mountainous west of the island to get a view of the unspoiled part of the island.

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5. Lefkada

High Ground: Watersports

With its large bays and strong winds, Lefkada is an eyeful for sailors and windsurfers. Boats and boards can be rented at the nearby towns Vassilki and Nydri. Aside from that, the island has plenty more to recommend, from glorious beaches to sleepy interiors.

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6. Crete

High Ground: Food

Because of its southerly location, Crete has the longest growing season in Greece, thus providing edible goods. Crete is more prominent for Greek cuisines that use local ingredients such as flavored rusks, fresh or cured meats, wild edible weeds, and of course rakí or tsikoudiá, the famous local distilled clear spirits made from pressed grapes.

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7. Koufonissia

High Ground: Peaceful and Quiet

This perfect hideaway is located between the larger islands of Naxos and Amorgos. Koufonissia is made up of two tiny islets separated by a 200-meter sea channel. One of the islets, Ano Koufonissi, is inhabited by a community of 366. Locals live mainly from fishing that there are actually more boats than residents. Everyone walks or rides on bicycles as there are no roads and cars. Koufonissia’s windmill, which dates back to 1830, can accommodate four for a one-week stay.

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8. Andros

High Ground: Hiking

Mountainous Andros, the most northerly of the Cyclades, is great for travelers who don’t mind long walks. March along ancient pavements bounded by massive stone-paneled walls. It also has orange groves and streams colonized by terrapins and frogs.

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9. Corfu

High Ground: Family-Oriented Activities

This island offers family-friendly accommodation as it offers idyllic, sleepy spots far away from the nuisance of the other islands.

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10. Symi

High Ground: Romantic Vibes

Crowded with pastel-colored houses, bars, taverns, and chic boutiques, Symi has one of the most picture-perfect harbors in the country. Tiny beaches accessible only by boat are not far away too. The island also offers a wonderful local experience and some of the best food on the Greek islands.

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11. Kefalonia

High Ground: Wine

Kefalonia is known for its Robola winery, whose wine is a favorite of drunken Father Arsenios in Louis de Bernières‘ classic novel Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.

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12. Skyros

High Ground: Alternatives

Despite being the most remote and undeveloped among the Sporades Islands, Skyros is a hot spot for holistic holidays. The Atsitsa Bay in the island offers yoga, sailing, life coaching, music, sketching, painting, singing, dancing, and other drop-in activities.

13. Skopelos

High Ground: Villas and Monasteries

Villas are more preferable to hotels when vacationing on any Greek island. Skopelos, where the film adaptation of Mamma Mia! was set, has a lot of wonderful options. Aside from villas, Skopelos is also known for the monasteries scattered around the island.

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14. Nisyros

High Ground: Bond Fans

If Skopelos gained fame through Mamma Mia! and Amorgos through The Big Blue, Nisyros is acclaimed because of its appearance in a James Bond film. Its spectacular volcano appeared in Moonraker.

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15. Rhodes

High Ground: Nightlife

The resort in Falikari, Rhodes, has gotten refined after earning some bad reputation in the past. The island has fast-changing old-quarted bars around Platía Aríonos and along Miltiádou.



16. Hydra

High Ground: Eco-Warriors

Hydra attracted the world in 1957 when the film Boy on a Dolphin was set in the island. It is listed as an architectural reserve, causing new constructions to be banned. The roads are free of motor vehicles. The sound of donkeys’ hooves on marble pavement and their drovers cries while they collect garbage are part of each day in the island.

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17. Karpathos

High Ground: Traditional Island Life

Midway between Rhodes and Crete is Karpathos, a haven for peace-seekers, with lovely beaches and coves only accessible by boat, some good walking backed in dramatic scenery, and peculiar villages.

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18. Santorini

High Ground: Views

Santorini is best approached by sea and is one of the spectacles of the Mediterranean. It is the perfect island for honeymooners, cruise-ship patrons, and backpackers.

The 19 best Greek islands

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