Unique Suspended Tents For Outdoor Lovers

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Ever want to sleep in a tent? How about in a tent suspended on trees?

In 2014, Tentsile brought an innovative way to the world of camping when it unfolded its suspendable and portable tree houses – the Tentsile Tree Tent.

This year Tentsile adds three more models to its range of suspended trees.

Trillium, a small, stackable, versatile three-person hammock that can sleep up to three persons.

Vista, a two-layer tree tent, and so far the biggest model in the company’s range of tents.





Trilogy, a massive communal shelter capable of holding six people, with three separate sleeping areas and a central canopy. 

These tents are invented by tent designers Alex Shirley-Smith and Kirk Kirchev in 2012. The duo had been awarded the IPSO Brand New Award for 2015-2016 for their environmental initiative of planting three trees for every tent purchased.




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