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During the Hanami, or the appreciation of the transient beauty, not only the Japanese, but people from all across the globe join the tradition of observing the spring blossoms. However, this doesn’t mean you too must go to Japan just to enjoy a leisurely stroll down the lovely streets of the country.

Although walking down a beautiful street can be a wonderful experience, it comes with advantages as well. Apparently, streets filled with trees help reduce the heat-related problems of urban communities, encourage cycling and walking, and also boost the evaporation and transpiration from the surface of the planet.

Below, is a collection of photos of beautiful streets in every corner of the world.

1. Denver, Usa

2. Bonn, Germany

3. Stockholm, Sweden

4. Washington DC, USA

5. Near Kano River In Kyoto, Japan



6. Grafton NSW Australia

7. Molyvos, Lesvos, Greece

8. Cullinan, South Africa

9. Nafplio, Peloponnese, Greece

10. Spello, Italy



11. Valencia, Spain

12. Porto Alegre, Brazil

13. Taiwan

14. Tunnel Of Love, Romania, Caras-severin

15. Brisbane, Australia



16. Positano, Italy

17. Wisteria Tunnel, Japan

18. Bamboo Forest, Sagano, Japan

19. Milton Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe

20. Nafplio, Greece



21. Kikinda, Serbia

22. Jerez, Spain

23. Peterhof, St. Pete, Russia

24. Savannah,GA USA

25. Singapore



26. Tucumán, Argentina

27. Orton Plantation Driveway (Smithville Township Of Brunswick County, North Carolina, USA)

28. Brussels, Belgium

29. Montréal, Canada (by Criselle)

30. Wroclaw, Poland



31. Oak Alley, Vacherie, Usa

32. The Dark Hedges, Northen Ireland

33. Braga, Portugal

34. Valiasr Street – Tehran

35. Meiji Jingu Gaien, Tokyo, Japan



36. Skien, Norway

37. Metasequoia-lined Road, Damyang, South Korea

38. Bruxelles, Belgium

39. Plumeria Tunnel In Thailand

40. Puerto De Mogán, Gran Canaria



41. St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans, Usa

42. Thailand

43. Hawaii, Usa

44. Parque Braulio Carrillo, Costa Rica

45. Winter Stroll — Herestrau Park, Bucharest, Romania



46. Podgorica, Montenegro

47. Timișoara, Romania

48. Versailles, France

49. Kaluszyn, Poland


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