If Elected, This 24-Year-Old Will Be the Youngest Woman in US Congress


Who says politics is only for people who are over the age of 20? Meet Erin Schrode, the 24-year-old who could become the youngest woman in Congress.

Schrode was only 11 when she and her mother found out that their hometown, Marin County, California, had the highest melanoma, breast, and prostate cancer rates in the world. Ever since that day, she has vowed to do her best to make the world a better place.

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Schrode and her mom decided to take action by starting an awareness-raising campaign, going door to door searching for answers, and partnered with local legislators to aid in the battle of cancer. She even used to organize meetings with local high-school students about the significance of purchasing toxin-free personal care cosmetics and products.

But the campaign ultimately transformed into a national nonprofit org, which focused on promoting environmental and personal health sustainability.


After a decade of practicing her lobbying, public speaking, and organizing skills, Schrode now plans to run for U.S. Congress in her hometown in Califronia’s District 2 so she can take her advocacy a step further.


If Schrode wins, she’ll become the first and youngest woman under the age of 30 to ever be elected to Congress.


Schrode’s platform is centered on tackling issues like human rights, the future of work and education, and environmental health. She also speaks passionately about many issues that American women are currently facing, like the need for solidarity. She also has a say about student loans and criminal justice reform.


It seems that Schrode really didn’t have any plans on running for Congress. It was her best friend who convinced her to run for the position. She began to entertain the idea of running for Congress when community members started rooting for her to run for office after she delivered an important speech about the impact of her hometown on her career and life.


Schrode wasn’t really sure with the idea of being a government official, but when she began to consider it seriously, she called up her best friend to confide in her if it was a ridiculous idea or not.

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