Heavily Pregnant Woman Dances Hip-Hop to Stay Fit – But the Internet Isn’t Loving It

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In the past, pregnant women were advised to lessen or avoid exercise. But today, not only is it okay to participate in this kind of fitness activity, but researchers have found out that it has a positive effect on both the mom and the baby. 

And that’s what Christina Litle exactly did and she continues her intense routines despite being in her third trimester of pregnancy.

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Christina, a hip-hop dance teacher, has been chastised by strangers on the Internet for engaging in strenuous activity and suggested that her baby will be born handicapped because of her dancing.

Christina said she never had to ask her doctor for what she can or can’t do while pregnant because she had textbook pregnancies every time. She believes that being active helped her through her births.

“There’s such a stigma about pregnancy making you so vulnerable,” continues Christina. “Our bodies aren’t made of glass. We can handle a lot and so can the baby.”

She has been married to husband, Jordan, for 12 years now and has danced through her first two pregnancies. She even recommends it to other moms-to-be to stay fit and teaches some expectant mothers hip-hop through her dance classes.

Christina, from Napa, California, started dancing when she was 5, and now she also teaches hip-hop to teenagers. Aside from being a dance instructor, she’s also a businesswoman engaged in wedding and portrait photography business.

Christina, a mother to Lailah, 5, and Lynlee, 3, had posted her videos on Facebook dancing during her two pregnancies and was surprised by the response.

She said, “I didn’t even post it for the Internet, I posted it for my friends. It was private and I was asked to make it public.

“First it started on Facebook, then it started going viral and it went all over the Internet.”

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