Amazing Scientific Explanations Why You Do Really Stupid Things When You are Drunk


Perhaps one of the biggest experiences one can encounter in their lives is getting drunk. It seems no one is safe from the inevitability getting drunk at one point in their lives. So, whether you are a party person or not and you have gone under the spiral of drunkenness, you can definitely say that it is not a happy state to be in.

Although we may find being drunk quite a hilarious situation, there is an actual scientific explanation for your weird drunk behavior. Get to know the low down on what’s really happening to your body and why you end up acting like it when you’re drunk.

1. Drunk Eyes

Alcohol dulls your senses. And, it is said that the last of the senses to be affected by alcohol are the eyes.  The traditional “drunk stare” is a result of our brains sending electric impulses to the eyes to compensate for the other failing senses.

2. Drunk Texting

Ever wondered why after a drunk night you find some text messages you could not remember ever sending?  A recent study shows that drunk texting is not only due to our lowered inhibitions, but also to a “You Only Live Once” attitude that is derived from alcohol. This means that despite the fact you are aware of what you doing (as of the moment) you just practically don’t care.

3. Creepin’

It’s a common belief that alcohol is liquid courage in a bottle. People often take a shot or drink before important things to calm their nerves. Studies suggest that this has no neurological basis at all, but it actually does have a placebo effect. This means that it makes you feel more confident.

4. Temporary Invincibility

Alcohol blocks pain receptors which is the reason drunk people practically feel no pain physically, and sometimes emotionally. However, once the effect is gone, hello pain!

5. Feels

This one goes back to the fact that alcohol turns off the “caring what other people think” meter. Alcohol, it seems gives you more confidence than any other substance on the planet.



6. Sleepiness

Alcohol is classified as a depressant, however this is not entirely the case. When your blood alcohol content increases, it partially acts as a stimulant by increasing your excitement and lowering your inhibitions. It is only when the alcohol from your blood starts to wane when the the depressant kicks in.

7. Spending Money

Alcohol tends to cloud your long-term thinking in favor of short term stuff. So, spending too much of your money does not seem to bad for you at all during the times when you are inebriated.

8. Drinking More

The pleasure centers in your brain are on fire  when there is too much alcohol intake. Because of this, you will find yourself willing to down another shot, even if you are already feeling tipsy.

9. Bad Food

Recent research suggests that alcohol affects the hypothalamus, which is the part of our brain that regulates appetite. The alcohol tricks it into thinking that food looks even more appealing than usual.

10. Mixing Liquor

Alcohol mixing is only required to be done by professionals. However, this is not entirely the case. In an article done by The New York Times, it was said that it actually doesn’t make any difference. It is the amount of alcohol in the drink that makes you drunk, not the types you mix in.



11. The Moment of Clarity

Alcohol lowers your defenses, which makes you think things differently. This may have you coming to a “mind-blowing” revelation while drinking. But, it only seems mind-blowing to you when it happens because you’re already drunk and thus more open to accepting your simplistic thoughts instead of dismissing them.

12. Loss of Balance

Alcohol has a dramatic effect on the neurotransmitter GABA, which is the amino acid that basically keeps you from being an uncoordinated spaz. Drinking results in having less control over your muscles and balance which causes you to fall down just by standing up or taking a seat.

13. Telling the Truth

Impulse control is absent when there is too much alcohol in your system. If you want to tell someone the truth, you likely will and the same goes for lying to them. So, it’s best to be so discreet when you’re drunk

14. Beer Goggles


Alcohol deactivates the rational decision making parts of your mind, but leaves the parts of it that control sexual urges completely intact and functioning. This is a bad combination and leads to you being less discriminatory in your tastes when it comes to indulging in your primal instincts.

15. Tearing Up the Dance Floor

Alcohol is also known to increase the release of endorphins in the pleasure centers of the brain. Because of this, you might find yourself courageous and ready to cause some chaos when you don’t normally do.

Find out more amazing facts as to why alcohol makes you feel like you are on top of the world in the videos below:



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