Dream Destinations: 10 More Eco Resorts Around the World

9 Eco Resorts Around the World Perfect for Relaxing Get-Aways


Resorts are just one of the many favorite go to destinations for the avid traveler.

From the luxurious and posh style of hotels like the Intercontinental to the exotic and vibrant Palm Jumeirah, there is no denying that there are plenty of choices for the weary traveler. One famous kind of hotel that is making quite a scene is the eco resort.

These environmental friendly havens are a perfect breather from the usual travel places that you go to while on your vacation. Not only are they located in the most exotic and colorful locations in the planet, these eco resorts take your travel experience to a whole new level by bring you closer to nature. Not only do you get to enjoy some free time but you also do your fair share of keeping Mother Nature safe.

If you are at a loss at which place to travel next, here are the top ten eco resorts that you should definitely stay in.

1.) Magic Mountain Lodge

Located in the private nature reserve of Huilo Huilo Chile, this ethereal resort gives one the impression that Bilbo Baggins might just stop by to ask you for a drink. This fantastical eco resort has 13 rooms overlooking the lush nature reserve and even has bath tubs carved out of gigantic tree trunks.

And if that is not enough to satisfy your cravings for a fantasy themed vacation, guests get to enjoy strolling on a suspended rope bridge and marvel at the emerald green expanse that you see before you. The lodge was built with local materials and labor that is dedicated to preserving the place’s biodiversity and fauna.

2.) Soneva Kiri Eco Resort

This nest like abode is located in the exotic country of Koh Kood, Thailand. This famous resort dangles from the side of a tree. The resort is composed of mini structures made of local materials like bamboo which can be found within the 6 star premises.

One of the famous architectures that is attributed to this eco resort is the cantilevered bamboo dome that is shaped like a manta ray.

3.) Wadi Rum Resort

If you fancy a twist of adventure in the arid lands of the Middle East, Wadi Rum Resort is the place to be. This eco resort is built right into the stone cliffs in the dessert of Jordan. This up and coming resort boasts lodge insert hotels and amenities that are carved into the stones.

This resort is designed by Oppenheim Architecture.

4.) Panchoran Retreat

This eco resort is the brain child of architect Linda Garland who decided to settle in Bali and become an expert on bamboo by growing all sorts of strains on her 25 acre property. Eventually, her lush state became a melting pot for guests as it is now known as the Panchoran Retreat.

One of its stunning features includes a beautiful getaway lounge that hangs above a river.

5.) North Slope Ski Hotel Fantasy

This intriguing concept of an eco resort is the idea of Michael Jantzen. This eco resort is will supposedly be powered by both the wind and the sun. It has a built in 400 foot slope that leads to the snowy hills of Aspen, Colorado.

It was proposed to have 95 rooms that overlook the white caps of the Colorado mountain range which surprisingly is said to help passively heat the entire resort.

6.) Lapa Rios Ecolodge

Here is another eco resort that is fresh from the wild forests of the South American jungle.

Set in a private nature stretching over 1,000 acres in one of Central America’s last remaining lowland tropical rainforests, this eco lodge from Costa Rica boasts open air screens for each room and a private outdoor deck with a hammock and rain style outdoor shower.

This eco lodge is the first hotel to receive a five leaf status from the Costa Rica Tourism Board’s Certification for Sustainable Tourism.

7.) Treehouse Point Eco Resort

This eco resort is located deep within the forests of Snoqualmine Valley just outside of Seattle. This awesome resort showcases five adorable cabins which are high up in the tree complete with suspended bridges.

It is located on a nearby river also serves as a nature conservancy and educational center. Its other amenities include a library, dining facilities and other public areas. Pete Nelson, creator and owner of this remarkable eco resort is also known to design and builds custom tree houses around the country.

8.) Songjiang Quarry Hotel

This eco resort was once an abandoned mining quarry that descends over 100 meters from the surface. The Songjiang Shimao Hotel is a 19 story complex that is equipped with a massive and majestic waterfall.

With its construction still in progress, the pit of the quarry will be turned into an artificial lake while the first two floors of the hotel will be submerged in water.

9.) The Himalayan Village

This eco resort is located in India and highlights the tradition culture of the Pahari people. It is known for its stunning architectural designs of stacking stones. Its location in the Northern Mountains is perfect for some activities such as backpacking and rock climbing.

If you plan on taking a break, you can relax inside little cottages while being served with some traditional Indian cuisine.

Check out other eco resorts you can travel to in your next adventure.

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