This Abandoned Chinese Quarry Will Soon Be Transformed into a Lavish 5 Star Hotel


Everyone is looking forward to experience the grandeur of Intercontinental Hotel’s flagship project that will take place in a 100-meter deep quarry in China this 2017.

Called the InterContinenal Shimao Hotel, this luxurious project is constructed in a water-filled abandoned quarry at the base of Tianmenshan Mountain  in Songjiang, China. The £345 million building was designed by a Britain-based firm called Atkins and the construction started in 2013.

The hotel is expected to open early 2017 with over 350 rooms in a 19-storey building, two of which will be underwater. Parts of the underwater floors will be turned into a huge aquarium overlooking the restaurant, guest rooms, gym, conference halls, and swimming pool. Aside from accommodation, the hotel will also offer other activities like bungee jumping and rock climbing.

One night will cost around £200.

According to Li Xuyang, a senior manager for Shimao Group, “Two stories will be built underwater, 17 will be within the cave and two more will be above ground. The roof of the hotel will only be 15 m above the cave. The idea was to take advantage of this unique land form and to create a garden growing in the air. People could view the hundred-meter high waterfall from their room window. The hotel is part of the larger project to build Shimao Shanghai Wonderland, a large-scale theme park”.

The roof of the hotel will be designed to hold various trees.

Atkins designed the structure to blend in with the landscape using an eco-friendly green roof, planted with various trees. The hotel will use natural resources around the place to power the building.

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