This Aircraft Hanger Holds a Tropical Surprise

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This former aircraft hanger, the largest free-standing hall in the world, contains a tropical secret.

50 kilometers outside Berlin, Germany- People from all over the world to visit an aircraft hanger, the largest free standing hall in the world. This used to be abandoned building holds a secret. The hanger is not a historical site nor it is haunted. People come to visit this 1,200 feet long, 700 feet wide building for another reason. When you see what awaits visitors who travel 50 km outside Berlin into this hanger, you’ll be surprised.

This is not a scene from a movie.

Welcome to Tropical Islands! The resort can accommodate 6,000 visitors a day.

The resort is full of buildings that are inspired from architectures around the world. This a Borneo longhouse.

Cascading indoor waterfalls.



The man-made rainforest also features pools and lagoons.

Tropical trees and plants surround the pools.

Want to tour the whole resort? Take the hot-air balloon ride.

Visitors can also interact with the resort’s resident flamingos. Also, more than 50,000 plant species call the resort home.

Guests can check-in at a Mediterranean beach house.



Canaries and other exotic birds are also found in the resort.


The resort is specially full during German winters. Here families enjoying a sandy beach in the middle of winter.

Or they can ride on one of these slick slides.

The resort’s temperature is always kept at a balmy 78 degrees Fahrenheit to make visitors feel that they are in a tropical island.

Thai-inspired pavilion where guests can enjoy a meal or two.



Hot-air balloon rides are always available for anyone?



Press the play button to see how awesome Tropical Islands is:



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