Beautiful Ice Hotels from All Over the World

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Ice hotels are becoming popular these days, especially that summer season is around the corner. These unique-themed hotels are frequently visited by travelers, who are up for adventures and are able to withstand sub-freezing temperatures.

Constructed using snow and sculpted blocks of ice, ice hotels exist in different countries all across the world. Although they vary in construction styles, they still have something unique to offer, such as chapels, hot tubs, chapels, ice bars, and restaurants.

In a typical ice hotel, customers sleep in beds made of ice or snow. However, they get to enjoy the comforts of blankets, warm furs, and sleeping bags. Temperatures in a typical room starts at zero degrees Celsius.

Though prices vary depending on location, an average night costs $300 to $3,000.

Check out these cool photos of ice hotels from different parts of the world:



Northern Light Suite







Check out the videos here :

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