Chile’s Newest Luxury Hotels That are Attracting Attention

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Chile, a small country in South America, is blessed with beautiful and diverse landscapes. There maybe no other place on Earth that have as many climate zones as Chile. From the driest desert on Earth, hot springs, snow-capped volcanoes to eternal ice, blue glaciers, rainforests, grasslands, sandy beaches and mountains. You’ll find everything in Chile. You can ski in the morning in the Andes and if you got tired of the cold, you can always sunbathe on the beaches of the Pacific coast which is just a few hours of driving away.

If that isn’t enough for you, Chile is also home to cultural diverse people. The Chileans are friendly and welcoming people. You will surely feel welcome in this beautiful country. Chile is also one or the safest country in South America to visit.

Now, are your feet itching to visit the beautiful country? We list the newest luxury hotels to stay in Chile.

Tierra Chiloé – Chiloé

Photo by Nicolas Saieh

Photo by by Steve Ogle

Photo by Tali Santibañez Gomez

Photo by Tali Santibañez Gomez

The 2-year-old resort, Tierra Chiloé is built in island of Chiloé. The island is Chile’s second-largest island, it is home to unique lifestyle. The new hotel follows the island’s lifestyle. Guests can enjoy daily horseback rides, boat trips among the fjords, and tours of the local villages. The lodge only has 12 guest rooms with each room featuring their own waterfront view. All-inclusive rates start from $1,650 per person.

Viña Vik – Millahue



Viña Vik lies along the hills of the Millahue Valley. Owned by Vik, the Chilean’s top vineyards, the resort has 22 rooms that can accommodate 50 guests at a time. The resort offers private wine tasting, winery tours, horseback rides, and mountain-bike adventures. The resort is decorated by artworks that are personally selected and commissioned by the owners. It has a spa which incorporate grapes pluck from the vine yards. Guests can stay overnight in this resort for $1,200 per couple- all inclusive.

Singular Santiago – Santiago

Photo by Diego Dicarlo



The former sheep-processing factory turned resort features a stunning Patagonian lodge set. Located in Santiago’s trendy downtown, the 62-room hotel is surrounded by 20th century building. The stylish and contemporary hotel has a 3,300-square-foot spa. Rooms are priced at around $300 per night.

Vira Vira Hacienda Hotel – Pucón



Vira Vira Hacienda Hotel is located in Pucón. Pucón is home to snowcapped volcano and high-octane outdoor adventures. The all-inclusive lodge offers private guides to escort guests to the 21-room property. Guests can visit the smoking craters by foot, kayak across Lake Tinquilco or mountain-bike through the forest with their guide. The resort features a farm-to-table restuarant for fresh food. You can avail the resort’s three-night package for $1,475 per person.


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