Geneva Suite, One of the World’s Largest and the Most Expensive Hotel Suite



The Grand Hotel Kempinski is not just the largest continuous hotel suite in Europe. It is also among the safest. This two-story 11,625-square foot estate features a dedicated security room equipped with closed-circuit television, bulletproof bay windows, and a round the clock security guard to ensure the protection of high-profile guests during their stay.

Protection isn’t the only thing the hotel is known for. It also has amenities that guests will surely love, such as a fully-equipped kitchen, a billiards room, private chefs, business rooms with video-conferencing tools, a large private indoor pool, and a lot more.



The hotel is also famed for a suite, called the Geneva Suite, which is wrapped in limited-edition Baccarat crystal and Brazilian wood. It also comes with a dining room, three bedrooms, a living room on each level, and an upper balcony that faces the beautiful Lake Geneva.

Although it is very tempting to stay in this beautiful hotel, the price for the hotel is quite over the top. One night at the Geneva Suite costs $51,500, making it among the most expensive hotel suites in the world.




Check out these amazing amenities the Grand Hotel Kempinski has to offer:


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