Manta Resort and Its Breathtaking Underwater Room



Over the years, underwater accommodations have become a trend among resorts and hotels. However, there is one resort, located off the coast of Tanzania, that is somehow putting a unique twist on this concept. This is the Manta Resort.

Recently, they unveiled their “Underwater Room”, a three-storey suite with a submerged bedroom surrounded by panes of glass that allows guests to take a look at the local marine life. This all-inclusive hotel room is submerged about four meters below the surface of the ocean.

Guests can either spend their day sleeping in the submerged hotel room or float in the pristine waters and swim with marine life to explore the wonders of the vast sea. Designed by Genberg Underwater Hotels, this buoyant building features a rooftop for sun bathing, a landing deck at sea level, a restroom, and a lounge.



Check out the picturesque views Manta Resort’s Underwater Room has to offer:












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