One-of-a-Kind Theme Park in Romania Is Built 400 ft Below the Ground!

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An array of stairs and elevators are around for guests to navigate. The area is quite a sight to behold and is a far cry from what it served as during the medieval times. History notes that after this served as a mine for extracting salt, it was then converted to a bomb shelter for the war.

rudolf mine10

It seems like the only thing people need to worry about is if they have a fear of closed areas. Other than that, the mine is beneficial for people with respiratory diseases as many people believe that salt can serve as an alternative medicine through a process called Halotherapy.

rudolf mine4

The octagonal rooms in the mine have winches called crivacs, derived from the term used during its mining days, wherein horses would drive machines to pull up the cultivated salts back to the surface.

rudolf mine14

The mine has a maintained temperature of 12 degrees in any given season. Visitors may also wander around shafts and stairs, which miners used to walk through.

rudolf mine12 rudolf mine11

This mine epitomizes the term “cave of wonders,” with its design molded by nature. So if you are around the area, make sure you make a stop in this Romanian masterpiece.

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