Top 10 Countries That House the World’s Most Aesthetic Resorts

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After an exhausting day, with workload that seems to be endless, we all want to take a break. No matter what class in society you belong, blue-collar or white-collar jobs, everyone deserves a drive away from the energy-draining look of the city.

To help you plan your next breakaway, we looked for countries that house the best resorts around the world and listed them all for you. Check them out and make your next trip the best you can ever have.


Because of its location, this European country has many beautiful spots that tourists can feast on. You will not run out of mountain peaks and beaches to visit. It is named as a hotspot when it comes to biodiversity, in Europe and even in the whole world. Montenegro has the highest index of number of species per unit area in all European countries. Iberostar Bellevue, Turisticko Naselje Ada Bojana, and the Maestral Resort & Casino are few of the resorts in Montenegro that you should pay a visit.

Top 10 Resorts Around the World
Top 10 Resorts Around the World


With one fifth of its territory designated as protected areas like national parks and reserves, what can you expect from this country from Central America? Mountain ranges, lakes, and other wonders of nature can be seen in Nicaragua. With this kind of place, resorts are expected to be built. Paraiso Beach Hotel, for example, gives you the paradise-like feeling that its name suggests. The Morgan’s R0ck Hacienda and Ecolodge helps you forget your problems with a view that’s rocky but serene.


South Africa

Being the world’s 25th largest country and the 24th most populous, South Africa sure is keeping a lot of treasures inside it. Its coastline is remarkably smooth. Mountain peaks, beaches, heavenly plains that are pleasing to the eyes are just few of the things you can look forward to. Some of the known and best resorts in Africa include San Lameer, Pumula Beach Hotel, Sani Pass Hotel, and Cathedral Peak.

Top 10 Resorts Around the World


China is known for being the most populous country in the world. What people do not know is its rich in beautiful resorts too, especially those that are fit for skiing. Some of the must-visit places in China are Sanya Marriott Yalong Beach Resort and Spa, Pullman Sanya Yalong Bay Villas and Resort, and Sheraton Sanya Resort.

Top 10 Resorts Around the World
Top 10 Resorts Around the World




St. Lucia

A sovereign island country in the east of Carribean Sea, St. Lucia is the most mountainous country among any other Carribean island. Mount Gimie and the Pitons are its most famous peaks. St. Lucia is the home to many beach resorts that capture the real beauty of nature. Some of them are Ladera Resort, Rendezvous Resort, and Capella Marigot Bay Resort and Marina.

Top 10 Resorts Around the World
Top 10 Resorts Around the World
Top 10 Resorts Around the World

Puerto Rico

An archipelagic country and surrounded by many other islands, Puerto Rico is the place to stay in when you want to see more of the beach. Some of the best resorts in Puerto Rico include Parador Villas Sotomayor, Dorado Beach, and Marriott San Juan Resort.

Top 10 Resorts Around the World
Top 10 Resorts Around the World





As Wikipedia puts it, Thailand is the country in Southeast Asia that is known for its tropical beaches, royal palaces, and ancient temples. A country that has many edifices that symbolize their faith, it also keeps many resorts that are best for summer vacations. These resorts include Four Seasons Resort, Anantara Bangkok Riverside Resort and Spa, and Nimmanoradee Resort.

Top 10 Resorts Around the World
Top 10 Resorts Around the World
Top 10 Resorts Around the World

The United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is a federation of seven emirates, but it also houses sevenfold of opulent beach resorts. Aside from the famous Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE, also has the Royal Mirage Resort to show you the beauty they hide behind the name of having the biggest oil reserve. The Hilton Fujairah Resort is also something you just can’t dare to miss.

Top 10 Resorts Around the World
Top 10 Resorts Around the World




French Polynesia

The French Polynesia is a division of five islands, but its tourists’ opinion has never been divided when it comes to the wonders this country has to offer. The Le Taha’a Private Island and Spa, Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora, and the Intercontinental Tahiti Resort and Spa are just three of the many resorts in French Polynesia that will make it harder for you to go back and live the busy city life again.

Top 10 Resorts Around the World
Top 10 Resorts Around the World
Top 10 Resorts Around the World

The Philippines

Tagged as the Pearl of the Orient Seas, this Southeast Asian Country is the crown jewel when it comes to natural wonders. It is an archipelagic country and has many islands that serve as home to endangered species and the whitest beaches.

The Aman Resort Amanpulo is the most luxurious hotel in the country with a skyrocketing price of more than $1,000 per person. But with a high rate comes a high level of great beauty. The Misibis Bay Resort in Albay is also a famous place for vacation. And when you ask foreigners what they want to visit when they get the chance to visit the Philippines, the island of Boracay is never out of the list. There are many beaches in Cebu City too that attract a big number of visitors.

The Philippines is classified as a developing country, but it remains to be a treasure when it comes to resorts.

Top 10 Resorts Around the World
Top 10 Resorts Around the World



They say that this is a small world, after all, so it is not impossible to be able to step on these heavenly resorts. The things on your bucket list will not forever remain as a wish. At some point, they will become experiences and memories. It’s not too late to plan a travel, and when you do, pay a trip to these countries and savor every minute that you have. Mother Nature wants you to know that there is so much more to see than imagine.

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